About Me


Amliv L. Sotomayor was born in Regla, Cuba. Her family's curiosity in the arts served as a foundation for creativity and her curiosity for creating began at an early age. Experimenting with art in Cuba was autonomous and limited until she was lucky enough to bring those talents to the United States when she was nine years old. She received her BFA in Miami International University of Art & Design where she sought alternative education in computer science. Sotomayor’s work echoes personal, everyday experiences, lived traumas and daydreams as a woman and a single parent. She portrays the mundane moments of everyday living, personal weaknesses, lived horror, sexual strength, honesty, and daily insecurity through her drawings and watercolor paintings. Ever since graduating, Sotomayor’s work has also been part of numerous exhibitions in Miami, California, Japan, New York and Australia. Amliv currently resides in Florida with her son.