BABA YAGA Ft. Stoya Hard Enamel Pin by Amliv Sotomayor

BABA YAGA Ft. Stoya Hard Enamel Pin by Amliv Sotomayor

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- Hard enamel pin roughly around 2"

- Gold plaiting, high quality hard enamel and detailing.

- Two butterfly back clutches

- Comes with gold embossed backing. Signed backing available in drop down menu!

- All US orders come insured through USPs priority mail ONLY. 

- Due to the exclusivity of this particular pin there will be no re-prints of this particular pin!**

If you'd like several pins shipped to your country but think the shipping might be too high or would like several pins in one order without paying the shipping PER item, simply send me an email to and I'll work with you.

If you'd like this item shipped to your country but cannot find it in the drop down menu, email me and I'll accommodate,

SHIPPING NOTE* Also, plz check with your country's customs office to determine what the cost of additional charges will be prior to buying or simply call them up so you are aware of the costs.***

If you combine this pre-order with a pin that's already been manufactured from my shop, both pins will ship once this one is on hand. *

Whoa, you read it all, Thank you!*** 

Thank you for supporting this dream come true project! <3